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Tinderbox 6.6.2


Tinderbox 6
NameTinderbox 6.6.2
Size58.95 MB
Created on2016-07-23 12:40:34
Hashefb25e308502a4eb67d58e2eabbb4428e367bf0d (58.95 MB)


Name: Tinderbox for Mac
Version: 6.6.2
Release Date: 22 Jul 2016
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version:OS X 10.9 or later 
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit

Web Site:

Tinderbox is a personal content management assistant. It stores your notes, ideas, and plans. It can help you organize and understand them. And Tinderbox helps you share ideas through Web journals and Web logs.

Tinderbox's agents automatically scan your notes, looking for patterns and building relationships. Agents help discover relationships and help make sure important things don't get lost. Agents are easy to make and easy to modify. They're flexible and powerful. And Tinderbox can even gather and update changing information and breaking news from the Internet.

When it's time to share your notes, Tinderbox can assemble multiple notes into one page. Updates are a breeze -- even if you update several times a day. Private notes, timestamps, permanent links, archives: everything you want, just the way you want it.

What's New in Version 6.6.2:
・In the Text pane, Edit ▸ Find ▸ Use Selection for Find now loads the find string for both the text pane search bar and the view pane search bar. 
・The Find window now has a checkbox that allows you to search for aliases, or only to show results for the original notes. Formerly, Tinderbox always searched aliases.
・Guides - The guide system has been rewritten, providing a foundation for research on Tinderbox 7. For the present, new guides help you to: 
・align the vertical and horizontal centers of notes; 
・maintain uniform spacing between adjacent notes or place notes next to each other; 
・align the edges of notes; 
・maintain spacing between notes and the edges of the adornment that contains them; 
・place a note symmetrically between two horizontally-adjacent notes; 
・create square notes and notes using the golden ratio; 
・align left or right edges of notes to the midpoint of notes above or below them.
・A new set of guides look for equal spacing between adjacent sets of notes. If we have two adjacent notes, A - B, and then move C next to B, the guide will make the space between B and C the same as the space between A and B. 
・A new guide examines the neighborhood around notes with a circular shape, looking for other notes that are nearly the same distance from the circular note as the note being dragged. 
・The guide for centering a note between two other notes formerly considered only the notes closest to the dragged note. It now looks for matches among all pairs in the vicinity of the dragged note. 
・Items in maps are very slightly larger. 
・Text layout in non-rectangular shapes was not calculated correctly, causing unnecessary truncation.
・You can now drag either the source or the end point of a link to lock it to a specific edge of the source or destination note. Dragging the source or end to the map background unlocks the link, in which case Tinderbox will select the starting and ending locations automatically. 
・The Link editor also lets you choose the start and end points for links. The default setting, automatic, continues to choose the start and end points as before.
・Additional map improvements 
・Shift-drag constrains the note to move only horizontally or only vertically. 
・Expand Horizontal was inclined to be carried away if the height of the note was less than the height of a single line. 
・View ▸ Map now restores the scroll position of the map if the current container has defined a scroll position. 
・The number of outbound link stubs, which represent links from a note to notes not visible in the map, are now displayed in the map if the stub represents more than one link. 
・When dragging a link label, the boundaries in which the link label may be dragged are now displayed. The boundary link grows in intensity as the label approaches the boundary to avoid adding unnecessary distraction. 
・You may now set $NameLeading to a negative value to tighten the spacing between lines.
・Printing - Text pane printing now respects the right edge of the paper, when the text pane is wider than the page. 
・Roadmap - If we double-click to follow a link, and if the destination is not visible in the current view, Tinderbox will now refocus the view to make it visible.

Also Notable 
・New ways to specify the time for dates include (1801):
  today 0930 today 930pm today 11
・Corrected the handling of titles when the title is to be removed from the text.
・# exported a spurious URL if the original note was not exported. It’s easy enough to export the URL that would be generated of the note were exported, and this allows consistent export when part of the export is temporarily disabled. 
・HTML export now considers a note that contains only white space to be empty. 
・$HTMLQuoteHTML was wildly over-enthusiastic, and quoted the markup that Tinderbox generates as will as the markup it ought to have quoted.
・Fixed a problem in following recently-created footnote links. 
・Footnote As Child did not account correctly for 2-byte Unicode characters.(1792)
・Intermittent and infrequent crashes have been reported in complex documents that use agents, rules, and sorting extensively. Sorting based on synthtic attributes like $DisplayName and $WordCount has been especially vulnerable. This can arise when several modules step on each other’s toes when modifying a document simultaneously. A new work queue coordinates sorting to reduce interference while preventing rules and agents from slowing down your work.
・When first creating a web link, the URL field and label were improperly hidden in the link popover. 
・Avoid potential crash when deleting a link in the Browse Links popover while animating that link in a map view. 
・Browse Links:checkbox titles for link styles (bold, broad, etc.) are lowercase, as in inspector. 
・Browse Links sometimes failed to enable some controls, including the link type selector, of links created in the current session, because newly-created links could have uninitialized source and destination pad designators. 
・The opening animation of the link creation popover is no longer interleaved with the shrinking the popover to its small state
・When editing text that follows an automatically-recognized URL, the insertion point was spontaneously reset to the start of the note. 
・When creating a note, clicking on the text pane without first hitting Return now confirms the rename and allows you to select the text pane. 

・Tinderbox could crash after closing a document, when the current view is complex and the document had active agents or rules that frequently updated the screen. The crash was caused when the change management queue was not shut down soon enough. 
・Fixed a possible crash after deleting links in the link popover, since the link animator could potentially animate the deleted link before the LinkInfo was updated. 
・In the Appearance Inspector’s Shape menu, the symbol for the tag shape was reversed. 
・The obsolete "tabs" chapter has been removed from Tinderbox files. Incremented file format version level from 2.9 to 2.10. 
・The maximum size of the values list in the Key Attributes tables was not being enforced. This could cause sluggish response in very large documents. 
・Fixed an intermittent crash on mouseUp after resizing. 
・Selecting "custom" background color from the map background popover selected errorColor as the background color. 
・Date parsing:the date "tomorrow 8" was previously interpreted as 8 days from tomorrow. Now, it will be treated as 8 o’clock tomorrow. "Tomorrow+8" continues to denote 8 days from tomorrow. 
・Revised link layout to respond better when the link must run through the note to reach the designated start or end point. 
・The color of links created using new link types was drawn incorrectly as the error color. 
・In the link creation popover, the URL field only appears for Web links. 
・Corrected a variety of user interface anomalies in the new link creation popover. 
・Spreadsheet import no longer copies the entire spreadsheet into the container’s text field. This was not useful and, for large imports, caused performance problems. 
・Outline tabs again remember their scroll position. 
・Turned on the value deletion pool, trading some memory footprint for possible stability gains. Stay tuned. 
・Agents:when an alias is edited so that the item no longer meets the query, the next alias is selected in main view but the text pane was not refreshed. 
・Fixed a startup crash when checking registration code if the Preference file is damaged. 
・The text focused vanished mysteriously from newly-created notes in outline view, because an asynchronous text update added recently to force the update to the main thread was now coming after the focus had been moved to the new note. This had the effect of cancelling the initial transient editing session. The blame ultimately lies in the horrible updateRulers hack, but for now doing the text update synchronously if we’re on the main thread will suffice. 
・Resolved some very intermittent crashes when closing, caused when the link Animator tries to animate while it is being disassembled. 
・Inspectors failed to notice some selection changes. 
・Clarified Tinderbox Help on the distinction between linkFrom and linkFromOriginal. 





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